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Eyebrow tattooing and shaping can make a huge difference to your face. Through using the correct shape and style, a great brow can help to frame your face through adding expression, warmth and depth. Choose between the embroidery  (shaping & shading brows) or microblading (shaping & mimicking fine eyebrow hairs)

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Enhance the shape and natural beauty of your eyes. Choose between having top and bottom permanent eyeliner or just top or bottom.  

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Permanent Makeup Pricelist

Permanent Makeup Combo

Combine two or more treatment areas to receive a discount. See our pricelist for more information.

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Lip Colour

Beautiful, full and youthful-looking lips are a wonderful benefit of permanent lip color. No more lipstick smudges; bleeding lipstick or having to reapply lip colour throughout the day.  Another wonderful thing about permanent lip colour is that it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles around the lip area

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I never thought I could look good without having to spend hours applying makeup.  Nadya, you are a star; your permanent makeup treatments have saved me so much time in the morning and I now even look good without makeup on!!!

Money well spent!!!!!!

Anemé Smith, Stylist 



Thank you for giving me back my confidence and making me look younger...

Cecilia Edmunds, HR Manager

Hi Nadya

I just want to say:  I had the toughest time convincing my hubby to allow me to come for permanent makeup.

You did such a terrific job that HE is now the one refering people to you whenever someone compliments me on my brows and lips.

I love waking up and not looking like a zombie and hubby says I look so pretty even without makeup.

He also commented that if he had known that he wouldn't have to wait around  waiting for me to finish with my makeup, he would have sent me to you ages ago LOL

Gail Simms, IT Consultant

My eyebrows were over plucked and in a bad state.  I heard of Schonheit (Nadya Pretorius) through a friend. I was reluctant to have permanent makeup done at first but since going to Schonheit for permanent makeup I have not regretted it for a single second.  I look well groomed and even younger than I had in years just because my brows and eyeliner had been done by a true pro. 

Thank you Nadya

Henriette Jones, Housewife

Dit is so verfrissend om by iemand uit

te kom wie se woord hulle eer is.

Nadya, jy vat soveel trots in jou werk en jy laat nie jou kliente loop vir hulle en jy 'n 180% gelukkig is nie.  Ek is so bly ek het jou ontdek.  My wenkbroue; oogomlyner en lippe lyk FANTASTIES; my man kan skaars sy hande vir homself hou so mooi lyk ek vir hom!

Erna Jordaan, Onderwyser

Ek was deur 'n vriendin na jou verwys nadat iemand anders my permanente grimering gedoen het en ek uiters ontevrede was.  Ek wens ek het eerder by jou uitgekom van die begin af, dit sou my baie trane en geld gespaar het.

Dankie dat jy die gemors wat op my gesig was reg gestel het en my weer mens laat lyk het.

Ek lyk nou beter as ooit

Salomé Pieterse, Tuis-bly-mamma

Nadya,  you are trully skilled and masterfully applied my permanent makeup.  You set me at ease when I was petrified and you definitely know your stuff! 

In me you will have a client for life

Olivia Steyn, Laywer

I suffer from Allopecia and have been ridiculed and pointed at for longer than I wish to remember.  I was so scared to come for permanent makeup as the before and after photos seemed so harsh and I was afraid it would hurt but I was tired of having to explain to new people I meet why I don't have any eyebrows; eyelashes or hair.

When you explained that the results would be drastic after the procedure but would fade to become natural, I was sceptical to say the least... I am so glad that I trusted you...

Initially my brows and eyeliner looked harsh and unnatural but after a week or two they faded into th most beautiful natural looking brows and lashline I could possibly imagine.

People no longer stare and point and I have even started gaining so much confidence that I agreed to go on a blind date... 6 months later and we are still dating!

Feeling the way I had in the past, I would never have agreed to go on a blind date!!!!

I am so happy

Thank you Nadya

Cindy Parsons , Student

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